This Is Why You File Liens

Very often a new construction client will come to see us and have a terrible problem collecting debts. Inevitably we discover that they have been very lax in filing liens. The lien laws in this state are very friendly to contractors, if those contractors follow the law.  If they fail to do so, the lien laws are, well, not very kind to the contractors.

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Settle Our Garnishment? Um, No.

Foreign judgments (judgments issued by courts in other states then given to us to domesticate in Texas) are interesting work for us. That’s because the debtor is usually caught unaware once we start the process of domesticating the judgment.

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If I Pay You, Then You Cannot Foreclose on My House!

We never cease to be amazed at the incompetence of most lenders.  We are frequently retained to stop a foreclosure in circumstances where the lender has been dealing with the borrower and then, despite accepting payments or has reached an agreement with the borrower, goes forward with foreclosure. But sometimes, it is much worse.

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A Turnover for the Ex-husband

As you have probably guessed, we spend a significant amount of time representing people trying to collect a debt.  As part of that process we use a device known as a turnover order of the debtors assets.

We were hired by a wife that obtained a judgment against her ex-husband as part of the divorce.

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Yeah, but What about the Roof?

Darrell Cook is the founder of our firm and when his father was alive his father would call and say “How’s business, son?” and Darrell would always say, “Business is good, Dad, people are still cheating one another.” They would both laugh and have the kind of conversations that fathers and sons have.

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