You Really Cannot Hide

Periodically we are faced with debtors that don’t care to be the subject of a lawsuit.  Recently we were attempting to serve a corporate debtor that owned a health care facility in North Dallas. They had taken substantial steps to make the usual process of serving a lawsuit very difficult. Their registered agent no longer worked with them and had essentially disappeared.

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Filing Bankruptcy Will Not Stop the Eviction

Tenants are often confused by the fact that the mere filing of a bankruptcy won’t stop the eviction for very long. This is especially true if the Tenant continues to fail to make timely payments of rent.

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Can You Get Arrested in Florida?

Recently we obtained a judgment against a gentleman that moved to Florida. We then proceeded to give him the usual treatment.  Interrogatories, Requests for Production and then a Deposition notice.

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"One of the Worst Days of My Life"

Braden Power was a defendant in one of our cases.  He is also wealthy and a part owner of a successful real estate company.  We obtained a court order requiring him to turn over his 50% ownership in their company, Power Properties.  After the Judge entered the order the newspapers picked it up pretty quickly.

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Of Debts-and Jerry Jones' Airplane

A client had obtained a judgment using another law firm about 11 years ago. Judgments are only good for 10 years and then they become dormant for two years before they are no longer valid.  So after we were hired to work on this case we filed a motion to revive the judgment and began researching the defendants.

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