Catherine A. Keith

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Catherine A. Keith graduated from Southern Methodist University Law School in 2004 and immediately joined the Firm at that time. She was named Office Managing Partner in 2016. Prior to attending SMU, Catherine graduated from Boston College in 2001. Catherine is a native of Fort Worth, Texas.

Catherine’s practice takes her all over the state in federal and state courts.

Catherine speaks Spanish (kind of, a little).

Representative Cases

  • Represented a multi-office commodity trading company in which a business partner stole business to begin a competing company. Obtained multiple injunctive measures and able to sever out parties to prevent lulls in activity when a specific Defendant filed bankruptcy. Able to resolve matter prior to trial with a seven-figure payout in favor of the client. This litigation was in multiple states and in both federal and state courts.
  • Represented publicly traded insurance company in post-judgment matters, including the use of fraudulent transfer lawsuits to successfully pursue resolution of complex post-judgment issues.
  • Represents a commercial property management company across multiple apartment complexes all over Texas handling business issues including, but not limited to, dealing with the local cities, eviction matters, construction and insurance matters.
  • Representation of local yellow pages company in all areas of litigation, including collections, pursuit of employees on non-competition agreements (temporary restraining orders, temporary injunctions, etc.), copyright disputes and collections.
  • Successful representation of international data company in litigation against its data center pursuing claims for damages due to failure of data center to supply power in violation of contract.
  • Represents multi-state company that is a vendor to large multi-family properties in all areas of litigation, including filing liens each month, collections, disputes with other vendors, disputes with insurance companies, etc.
  • Representation of billion dollar fund in complex business litigation pursuing assets purchased by the fund in various cities in Texas.
  • Represent multi-state restaurant supplier in all areas of litigation, including disputes with other vendors, employees and collections.
  • Representation of buyer of business that discovered seller of business had misrepresented the environmental condition of the business. The business was purchased using funds borrowed from a bank and seller-financing. Case settled for forgiveness of the entire seller-financed obligation.
  • Represented homeowner against contractor who dealt fraudulently with client homeowner. Prosecuted matter successfully to trial (jury found the contractor was grossly negligent, found for violations of the DTPA and breached the agreement) and to appeal. Then brought post-judgment fraudulent transfer action against spouse of contractor. Matter eventually settled favorably.
  • Represented landlord holding owning multiple properties in the Deep Ellum parts of Dallas (art studios and bars).
  • Represents large commercial local confectionery establishment in all litigation matters, including disputes over copyright claims, non-compete claims and other enforcement of contract actions.
  • Representation of large, nationwide lender in state wide collections matters.
  • Representation of elite investment education service in numerous matters involving breach of contracts, non-compete enforcement (temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions) and enforcement of copyright claims.
  • Representation of large, multi-state manufacturer of products used in the operation by cities of traffic lights for violation of copyright against other entities that from time to time attempt to unfairly compete with the client. This usually involves the use of temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions.
  • Representation of business brokers in the enforcement of their listing agreements and the collection of fees where sellers/buyers attempt to close the transaction in an effort to avoid paying the broker.
  • Representation of large, state-wide commercial landscaper against customers involving the filing of liens and enforcement of those liens.
  • Representation of investment broker against agent that violated employment agreement involving enforcement of non-compete agreement.
  • Representation of client that purchased a vehicle from a local car dealership where the dealership failed to disclose that the car had suffered significant damage in a hail storm. Case settled very favorable for client.
  • Representation of manufacturing plant from New Jersey that was sued in Texas. Successfully asserted that Texas courts did not have jurisdiction over the client. The trial court refused to dismiss the case. Catherine took the loss up on appeal and the appellate court reversed the trial court and dismissed the matter allowing the client to litigate the matter in New Jersey.
  • Representation of large local construction company on numerous matters, including the enforcement of non-compete agreement agreement against employees that attempt to leave their employment and violate their agreement. This involves temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions.
  • Representation of large construction company in numerous matters involving filing liens and the enforcement of those liens. Most of these matters approach $1 million in value.
  • Representation of local chain of liquor stores in all areas of litigation, including suits against cities for failing to properly administer local codes regarding liquor sales, disputes with landlords for the various stores and other contract disputes.
  • Representation of local landlord that owns property in the uptown area including the negotiation of leases, litigation of disputes with tenants, etc.
  • Representation of significant flooring contractor in Dallas in all areas of litigation related to their business, including liens, collections lawsuits and other disputes with owners of projects.
  • Representation of title company in disputes with other title companies.
  • Representation of local utility contractor in all areas of litigation, including liens and enforcement of their contracts against sub-contractors, owners and others.
  • Representation of bride in a large, society event wedding against wedding planner that grossly overcharged for services rendered.
  • Representation of more than thirty individuals sued for alleged breach of non-compete agreements in a multi-level company. Settled on terms that allowed each client to continue to compete with the Plaintiff.

  • Representation of employer against multiple employees that attempted to start their own competing business. Obtained Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction. Matter settled favorably to employer client.

  • Representation of multiple contractors (including sub contractors)  in the filing of mechanic’s liens all over Texas.

  • Represented a general contractor against a conservation district that accused the contractor of violating city codes. Defeated the district’s attempt to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order. Case subsequently settled on favorable terms.

  • Representation of multiple clients in enforcing their rights regarding copyrights in Federal Court.

  • Representation of commercial property management company that was sued for alleged mismanagement of property and breach of fiduciary duty. Case settled on terms with payment of negligible sum to Plaintiff.

  • Representation of landlord attempting to evict Section 8 tenant represented by pro bono lawyers. Tenant was single mother of four accused of assaulting other tenants and disrupting peace of complex. Matter was tried to jury. Jury granted all relief requested and disruptive tenant was evicted.

  • Representation of one party in a dissolution of a same sex relationship. Litigation involved ownership of personal property and family home. Case involved obtaining temporary restraining order to prevent former lover from coming on premises. Case settled with former partner permanently enjoined from entering upon the premises.

  • Representation of buyer of home wherein the buyer’s broker misrepresented the condition of the roof, going so far as to conceal an inspection report that detailed the poor condition of the roof.  Suit brought on behalf of buyer against the buyer’s broker. Case settled for sufficient funds to have the roof completely repaired.

  • Frequently acts as local counsel for attorneys with cases in Texas.

  • Sued all three credit bureaus for slandering the credit of various clients with false negative information.

  • Representation of nationwide seller of turf and grass products against subcontractors that fail to pay for turf and grass products.

  • Representation of a number of large local construction firms in the filing of liens and lawsuits to collect unpaid bills and retainers.

  • Representation of judgment holder in garnishment and turnover actions resulting collection of the full amount due plus interest.

  • Representation of food supplier in a variety of disputes regarding payment for supplies resulting in settlements, judgments and the sale of nonexempt property.

  • Representation of publicly traded pharmaceutical company in large scale collection in Southwest Region in both pre and post-judgment matters.

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